The important role of ServiceNow Business Analysts

business analyst

Pathways Consulting Group’s Business Analysts (BAs) have a vital role to play in helping organizations get the most out of their investment in the ServiceNow platform. They work directly with your organization’s stakeholders to understand your professional goals and then translate them into business and technical requirements and achievable objectives that deliver value to your […]

How Female CEO, Mary Manzo, Supports and Strengthens Women in Business

Mary Manzo

Gender norms are changing, and women are making history as they become the primary breadwinners for their families. However, despite the changing circumstances, many women entrepreneurs continue to face challenges such as limited access to resources, counsel, and information. In fact, almost 50% of female founders cite that a lack of available advisors and mentors […]

Staying ahead of the curve: ServiceNow version upgrades best practices

ServiceNow recently rolled out the Vancouver upgrade for 2023. Staying up-to-date with version upgrades is vital for businesses relying on the ServiceNow platform. The platform requires you to be N-1, and keeping up with these changes does more than grant access to new features. They provide access to enhanced security and improved performance. Otherwise, you may face […]

Why resourcefulness is the most important skill for success in business

In the pursuit of success, there is not one single, more valuable trait to possess than resourcefulness. As defined by the Oxford Dictionary, resourcefulness is the “quality of being good at finding ways of doing things and solving problems as a way to overcome difficulties.” In its simplest form, being resourceful is being an unordinary […]

You just purchased ServiceNow – now what?

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Congratulations on taking the first step to enhancing your organization’s efficiency and productivity by investing in ServiceNow. This decision has the potential to completely revolutionize the way your organization operates. However, like any journey, it requires careful planning and navigation. That’s where Pathways Consulting Group comes in! As a trusted ServiceNow elite partner, Pathways has […]

Mary Manzo named Inc Magazine’s Best CEO of 2023

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Mary Manzo, the CEO of Pathways Consulting Group, has been named one of Inc Magazine’s Best CEO’s of 2023. Her path and contributions to the IT industry have propelled her to the leadership of one of the principal ServiceNow consulting firms. Innovation and adaptability Manzo’s career spans the past 35 years and is marked by […]

Best practices for successful ServiceNow implementation projects

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Getting started with and implementing the ServiceNow platform is a transformative journey for organizations. It allows firms to streamline processes, enhance collaboration across departments, and improve both customer and employee experiences. Achieving successful outcomes with ServiceNow means following best practices. This allows us to configure the platform to align with your organization’s goals and maximizes […]

Certify Enables Companies To Save Money By Simplifying The Audit Process

Pathways Consulting Group offers Certify, a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the audit process, driving unprecedented efficiency and precision in Identity Access Management and manual auditing tasks.  Existing ServiceNow customers can save time and money by utilizing Pathways’ innovative Certify application. This affordable app is easy to use and easier to access on the ServiceNow store.  […]

Why you should work with a ServiceNow elite partner

Modern organizations face the challenge of embracing innovative technology solutions that meet the needs of companies now and in the future. Firms need solutions that can scale with their growth and expedite their digital transformation.  A ServiceNow elite partner becomes an invaluable asset as companies strive to improve their efficiency, productivity, and customer experiences. Elite […]

Benefits of using ServiceNow’s automated testing framework

configuring ServiceNow

In today’s world, organizations rely heavily on digital platforms to accomplish their work. ServiceNow allows you to streamline processes, drive efficiency, and achieve business outcomes. With regular updates and upgrades, it is crucial that these changes seamlessly integrate into existing configurations without disruptions. That’s where the automated testing framework (ATF) comes in, and with the […]