OSCAL files: Everything you need to know


Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-changing fields in the world today. This is due to several factors, including AI, multi-factor authentication, and of course, updated techniques and competencies of bad actors in the space. That means staying compliant with industry standards and regulations is incredibly difficult, but it remains one of the most crucial aspects […]

Pathways’ ServiceNow Developer Bootcamp

ITSM Developer Bootcamp

For developers and organizations looking for upskilling opportunities, the first step is to get your hands dirty! That means direct, real-world experience working within the ServiceNow platform to develop a comprehensive, independent understanding of the platform.  First and foremost, participants in Pathways’ Developer Bootcamp expand their skill set when working with our Trainers starting with […]

Why you need Certify: Transforming business operations


Modern organizations are constantly looking for new ways to increase efficiency, streamline their operations, and improve their cybersecurity posture. Audits are no exception. These processes are in desperate need of an update, particularly in terms of Identity Access Management (IAM). That was the goal Pathways Consulting Group set out with when creating Certify. This groundbreaking […]

The challenges OSCAL NOW addresses and solves

OSCAL security

Cybersecurity threats are everywhere, and the rules keep changing – putting a significant strain on businesses struggling to keep up. It has become necessary to have a strong cybersecurity posture to protect proprietary and customer data, but the challenge often feels overwhelming. Enter the Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL)!  OSCAL is a framework created […]

How leaders can grow in today’s fast-paced tech environment


Today’s technology is racing along at a breakneck pace. Those constant changes, updates, and innovations are forcing leaders to adapt to them. The leaders who successfully adjust to new technologies and culture shifts are the ones who manage to become pioneers, capable of changing the entire trajectory of a company.   Leaders must be capable of […]

ServiceNow: Customer experience predictions for 2024


The future of ServiceNow customer experience (CX) is here, and it’s changing as rapidly as the technology supporting it. With disruptions reshaping customer operations and service delivery, organizations are turning to innovative solutions like ServiceNow and generative AI to meet the changing demands of their clients.  But what is ServiceNow, and how will it give […]

Conducting a ServiceNow assessment

servicenow assessment

Get the most out of your ServiceNow investment. A thorough assessment identifies strengths and areas for improvement. At Pathways Consulting Group, we encourage our clients to take on continuous improvement and optimization, allowing them to harness the full power of the ServiceNow platform. Keeping your platform updated and working in sync with the rest of […]

ServiceNow benefits that will transform your company’s customer service

customer service

Maintaining a competitive edge means high-end, exceptional customer service is non-negotiable. Your CRM is the cornerstone of fostering strong relationships with your current and potential customers and building brand loyalty. However, achieving excellent customer service means more than friendly, knowledgeable staff and fast response time. Take your CRM to the next level with ServiceNow’s Customer […]

ServiceNow configuration tips: Tailoring the platform to your organization’s needs

servicenow training

At Pathways Consulting Group, we specialize in helping organizations implement the ServiceNow platform as a cloud solution to help enhance operations. With proper setup, ServiceNow streamlines workflows, automates routine tasks, and provides mobile accessibility and flexibility. Achieving this, however, requires organizations to take the necessary time and work with a trusted partner to implement the […]

ServiceNow implementation strategies: Key considerations for success

servicenow implementation

ServiceNow is a powerful platform, but the sheer breadth of content available can make implementation daunting. Navigating this complex landscape requires a well-defined strategy and the right partner. ServiceNow is designed to work for your entire company, making it incredibly robust and versatile. However, the broad scope can make the implementation process seem overwhelming. That […]