ServiceNow training, customized for you!

Global experience

The TrainingPath team has worked with organizations both large and small. From large-scale, remote international sessions for Fortune 500 enterprises to on-site, individual classes with smaller organizations, we've trained thousands of people across a wide variety of industries.

In addition to training users in the United States, Pathways has trained audiences across the globe, including Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, India, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates.

Role-based training

End-users, fulfillment teams, trainers and executives all require different training. With TrainingPath, we ensure that the proper groups get the knowledge they need to be comfortable with your ServiceNow platform.

Courses are focused on specific applications and the end-to-end processes that users within their role will encounter during their daily activities. Utilizing this role-based approach, the TrainingPath team is able to instill a high level of knowledge, comfort and confidence, starting on day one.

Don't forget the documentation!

TrainingPath can also create documentation to keep your employees knowledgeable about products and processes involved in your organization's day-to-day operations.

Our team works with your subject matter experts to write and produce custom quick reference guides and user manuals that are tailored to your business processes within your ServiceNow instance, keeping the most relevant information at your team's fingertips.