Get rid of permission spreadsheets forever with simplified and standardized access control certification built on NOW.


Audits made easy.

Certify provides a simplified, structured approach to Access Certification and improves the labor-intensive manual audit processes. Built on ServiceNow and available on the ServiceNow store, compliance controls and workflows make it easy to ensure that the right people have the right access to the right information at the right time. Equally as important, it delivers the proof required by an audit.

Certify is available for a flat price of $20,000 a year.

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“Since it is part of our ServiceNow workflow, Certify makes it fast and easy to ensure that only the right people can access the right information at a given point in time - and we can easily prove it for audit.” Senior Vice President, Major Financial Provider

Easy to use, easy to implement, Certify keeps you audit ready.

Protect your data and stay compliant with Certify’s repeatable, reproducible process. Certify enables you to certify/recertify your business applications, data and system resources and manage user access to an Application, Folder, Group, OU, Role, or User.

Audit logging capabilities allow you to look in one place to find certification records, logs and access levels. Certify keeps every relevant piece of information in the system for easy access and full transparency for the end-to-end certification process.

With a seamless integration into your ServiceNow platform, Certify is Business, Auditor, CISO and IT friendly.

One-stop-shop for access verification and audit needs.

• Handles audits from one location with unified information
• Automate access controls and be audit-ready
• Automated notifications and report generation
• Automatically load entitlements
• Produces single source of truth
• Configurable access review
• Provides compliance
• Easy to read dashboards with reporting
• Creates audit trail
• Automated tracking and prompting
• Streamlined workflow

“Certify is easy to use, fast and our one-stop shop for access. It has helped us create internal efficiencies, reduce cost, drive business process agility and improve customer service.” Executive Vice President, Major Healthcare Provider

Reduce the cost and effort required to demonstrate access control effectiveness.

• Reduce errors
• Quickly adapt to compliance changes
• Enable collaboration
• Provide greater risk management
• Deliver transparency
• Improve labor-intensive manual audit processes
• Save time
• Slash audit costs
• Increase revenue
• Ensure software license compliance