Staff augmentation with Co-Innovation from Pathways Consulting Group

At Pathways Consulting Group, we always look for innovative solutions to improve your daily operations. We realize there are just not enough hours to get everything done; sometimes, you need an extra set of hands or an expert opinion to perform your day-to-day tasks. Businesses of all sizes and in any industry can’t afford the wasted time and labor from manual processes, and pent-up demand can be challenging to address. Partnering with a trusted outside source with years of experience and resources that work with your schedule, your people, and your processes is a wise choice. Partnering with Pathways and our Co-Innovation model can help you hire the specialists you require to get your job done quickly and accurately.

Why Co-Innovation?

Co-Innovation is precisely what it sounds like; it’s more than just a body doing a task. Unlike 1099 contract workers who are by themselves or partnering with an entire offshore team who likely know little about your business, Co-Innovation delivers a different perspective; you are backed by an on-shore team with industry-leading ServiceNow experience across multiple industries and workflows, focusing on making your vision a success. We have access to countless senior-level individuals with exceptional ServiceNow skills and years of experience to find a solution that best fits your business. With Co-Innovation, your existing delivery team can augment their skillset with expert-level resourcing to generate solutions faster and drive innovation to keep your company moving forward with timely responses to business objectives.

The Pathways Consulting Group's Advantage

We listen. We care. We execute. It’s as simple as that and what makes us different. If you’re ready for staff augmentation, we encourage you to try Co-Innovation. We only offer high-level staffing. We believe it’s not just about the individual that sits across from you—it’s about the entire team behind them. And you only get that level of support with a company like Pathways Consulting Group. We may be a small firm, but we deliver a huge impact on your business’s bottom line.

Our results can help take your business to the top:

  • A Certified Women-Owned ServiceNow Elite Partner
  • 100% On-Shore, 100% ServiceNow Focused Incumbent Team
  • 10+ Years Delivering within the Top 10% of ServiceNow Partner Quality
  • One of the First 50 Original ServiceNow Partners
  • 750+ Successful ServiceNow Deployments Across All Application Suites
  • A Legacy Deep Rooted Team – Outperforming Our Peers in Both Longevity and Experience

Benefits of a Contingent Workforce

Contingent labor isn’t something new; this workforce pool utilizes individuals who your organization hires on an on-demand basis. Contingent workers, also known as subcontractors, lend their skills and expertise to a business on a short-term or project-by-project basis. Subcontracting can be beneficial to organizations that need to scale their workforce to meet demand or hire individuals who possess a unique skill set to accomplish a technologically advanced project. Whether you’re interested in working with a ServiceNow-certified developer or are curious about another position, Co-Innovation offers a pool of able and accomplished individuals for collaboration. Several other advantages you can enjoy when partnering with our subcontractors include the following:

  • Much more cost-effective for business owners than a direct hire or permanent employee.
  • A contingent workforce increases flexibility.
  • Partner with dedicated ServiceNow-certified experts like System Administrators and Technical Architects.
  • Brings a new perspective to the table and a fresh pair of eyes to identify problem areas and offer intelligent solutions.

After a series of successful project implementations with Pathways, we leveraged their Co-Innovation services to maintain knowledge continuity and accelerate our internals staff’s ability to deliver further enhancements. Their experience and knowledge of the platform continue to impress!”

– Director of Service Management Products, leading financial firm. Pathways customer of 4 ½ years.

Why partner with Pathways Consulting Group and our staff augmentation model, Co-Innovation?

Recruiting in-house experts typically takes a lot of time and labor that you likely don’t have, especially if you need service from a senior-level ServiceNow-certified developer. In this case, staff augmentation would work best for your organization. If you’re interested in learning more about Co-Innovation, reach out to us at 917-952-5004.