Success Stories

How we've helped other organizations with their ServiceNow deployments.

Success Stories

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Success Stories

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Pathways’ historical knowledge of the client was leveraged to architect a plan that would seamlessly bring two separate instances together into one Domain Separated instance.

Industry: Banking and Finance Asset Management and Domain Separation

Pathways worked to re-implement an unsalvageable instance -- upgrading from ServiceNow Express to ServiceNow Enterprise, followed by a complete zBoot to the latest version.

Industry: Retail ServiceNow Express to Enterprise upgrade

Pathways redesigned and automated an existing manual purchase process, including tracking financial data, budgets, purchase orders and invoicing.

Industry: Financial Consulting Financial Management

Due to various mergers ad acquisitions, a client had multiple fragmented Change Management process. Pathways helped this client transition to a single, unified process and platform for Change Management.

Industry: Banking/Finance Change Management

Pathways worked to develop a solution that generated a quick ROI for the client's business while also paving the way for additional ServiceNow solutions throughout their enterprise.

Industry: Telecom Contract and Asset Management

Pathways assisted a client who did not have an official overarching automated process for performing Project or Demand Management. We successfully migrated five major business lines that were using different sets of tools for these processes and consolidated them into the Project and Demand Management applications in ServiceNow.

Industry: Compliance and Auditing Project and Demand Management

Pathways aligned an organization with best practices by introducing multiple environments for development and testing as well as completely revamping existing processes to leverage the automation capabilities within ServiceNow.

Industry: Retail A "big bang approach" to refreshed ServiceNow instances