Success Story: Media Company

Certify Streamlines the Audit Process, Saving Time, Effort and Money for Media Company

A leading media company faced a time-consuming, inefficient audit process, due in part to manual access certification. Validating and updating access information for 24 applications for their 1,400+ users in ServiceNow required countless hours and effort from executives in the form of emails, phone calls, and manual data entry. This process was unnecessarily time-consuming and outdated, leading current executives to look for a different solution.

The solution proposed was Certify, from Pathways Consulting Group. Certify was chosen to automate access provisions and streamline the entire process. This choice was facilitated by the ease of access, flexibility and results.

Handling the provisioning in Certify significantly reduced the time to run an audit – taking it down to only three hours. This was an incredible amount of time saved, especially when compared to the original process of contacting each person individually, noting their access, and manually adjusting the spreadsheet to reflect those changes. The auditors were impressed with the application and approved the reporting process. Meanwhile, the team enjoyed seeing the record automated in seconds.

The simplicity of Certify allowed staff and executives to spend their time in other, higher-impact activities. In addition, this program emerged as a more cost-effective, affordable solution when compared to competitors. These significant cost-savings further increased the company’s satisfaction with the application. Overall, the Media Company was thrilled to have so much time saved for their executives, allowing it to be utilized in other areas. Certify took a long, tedious process and made it simple and accessible with the click of a button.

“We’ve been using Certify since 2019 and we have over two dozen different applications within Certify. We’ve been audited and couldn’t be happier with the results. The platform is simple to use but powerful enough to provide a comprehensive, auditor-approved report. Audits that used to take us weeks now take us less than a day! The SOC questionnaire takes mere minutes and the user interface is convenient, intuitive, and efficient. I highly recommend Certify if you want to reduce costs and save time in your organization.” 

Senior. Director, IT Service Management