Pioneering Effortless SSP Management

Simplify compliance standards

Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL) is a standardized format for documenting security-related information. It provides a common language for communicating security controls, assessments, and related information. OSCAL has gained widespread popularity due to its ability to streamline the exchange of cybersecurity data across different tools and organizations. This ensures consistency and interoperability, making it a crucial component of modern cybersecurity compliance efforts.

Transformative data integration

Leave disjointed, time-consuming processes in the past with this streamlined, intuitive platform. OSCAL NOW leverages the power of ServiceNow to provide a seamless user experience. Available in the ServiceNow app store, OSCAL NOW automatically integrates with your current ServiceNow environment to become an integral part of your SSP workflow. This app harnesses the capabilities of the ServiceNow platform to automatically compile the majority of the required information, reducing your SSP creation time from weeks to hours.

Effortless compliance

Staying compliant with evolving OSCAL standards can be a daunting task. OSCAL NOW simplifies this process by automatically updating templates and versioning your documents. This ensures that you’re always aligned with the latest regulatory requirements, giving you peace of mind even in the midst of change. When changes happen on your end, OSCAL NOW allows you to adjust the SSP exactly where it needs to be changed – whether it’s adding a new hire or changing a job title. Make the change once, and OSCAL NOW makes that change automatically throughout the SSP document. By reducing the manual effort required to maintain compliance, OSCAL NOW empowers organizations to stay ahead of the curve without sacrificing productivity.

Centralized document management

Gone are the days of hunting for hundreds of scattered documents. OSCAL NOW centralizes all your SSP data, making it easily accessible and organized within the ServiceNow environment. From capturing information to maintaining and updating documents, OSCAL NOW simplifies every step of the process, saving you valuable time and resources. With a centralized repository for security-related documentation, OSCAL NOW enables efficient enterprise-wide collaboration and document versioning.

Flexible customizations

Every organization has specific cybersecurity requirements. OSCAL NOW is capable of accommodating those differences and creating an SSP specific to your enterprise. It adapts to the configurations established within the ServiceNow environment and updates the information and formatting as needed. With configurable options and customizable templates, OSCAL NOW empowers organizations to tailor their security plan to perfectly suit their needs. 

Future-proofed security compliance

Cybersecurity regulations and best practices are constantly evolving. OSCAL NOW keeps you prepared for whatever comes next. With built-in support for new OSCAL revisions and document versioning capabilities, OSCAL NOW allows you to future-proof your security compliance workflow. By staying ahead of regulatory changes and automating mundane but error-prone compliance tasks, OSCAL NOW helps organizations mitigate their cybersecurity risk.

OSCAL NOW from Pathways Consulting Group today

OSCAL NOW makes manual SSP creation a thing of the past. Easily create an accurate, machine-readable XML file that comes ready for FedRAMP validation. If you’re ready to streamline your cybersecurity document management, contact the Pathways team today. 

Welcome to the future of cybersecurity compliance. Welcome to OSCAL NOW.