ServiceNow ITSM Developer Bootcamp

Increase your team's skillset with Platform Training

Take your team from novice to ServiceNow developer!

Get practical, hands-on experience developing in the ServiceNow ITSM platform. As a certified ServiceNow Elite Partner, we live and breathe this platform. Our developers have extensive experience, and their expertise has helped us create our new ITSM Developer Bootcamp. Get an unparalleled learning experience from our world-class experts, combining real-life expertise with the newest cutting-edge development practices.

The Bootcamp Advantage

Forget dry, jargon-heavy eLearning modules. Our immersive bootcamp provides your team with in-depth ServiceNow developer training and hands-on experience, allowing your developers to learn the idea and immediately put it into practice. The result is a well-developed, practiced expertise, ensuring your team is equipped to tackle ServiceNow platform development head-on.

Intensive, Focused Learning: Engage in our immersive 5-day training, dedicating approximately 6 hours each day to mastering your understanding of the ServiceNow ITSM platform.

Small Classes, Big Impact: Get all the benefits of personalized attention with a maximum of 5 trainees per class. Larger groups can be accommodated upon request.

Expert Trainers: Learn from seasoned, certified professionals with years of implementing, maintaining, and supporting the ServiceNow platform.

Practical Project Work: Apply what you have learned to a project using the Incident Management application, covering key topics necessary for success.

One-on-One Sessions: Receive daily personalized feedback from our trainers, ensuring you understand the workflow.

Future Reference: Working within your PDI means you always have a reference for future development projects.

Comprehensive Curriculum

This curriculum covers a wide range of topics, empowering your team with the critical ServiceNow developer training you need to work with the platform.

  • Plugin Activation
  • User, Group, and Role Management
  • Form Configuration
  • Field Creation
  • Reference Qualifiers
  • Client Script Best Practices
  • UI Policy Best Practices
  • Business Rule Best Practices
  • UI Action Creation
  • Related List Configuration
  • Suggestion Fields
  • Data Lookup Best Practices
  • Form Sections
  • Views and View Rules
  • Inbound Actions Configuration
  • Scheduling
  • SLA Configuration
  • Inactivity Monitor Configuration
  • Basic Reporting

Course Outline

Day 1:

  • Onboarding into the ServiceNow instance as an External Trainee user
  • Validation, credentialing, and instruction on the External Training Portal

Days 2-5

  • Morning reviews and afternoon sessions for reinforcing learning
  • Daily one-on-one sessions to review your work in your PDI
  • Continuous access to the External Training Portal for resources and support


To ensure you get the most out of this bootcamp, we recommend prior completion of “ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals” or the “New to ServiceNow” training path. Additionally, access to a ServiceNow Personal Developer Instance (PDI) is required.

Master ServiceNow ITSM Platform Development with Pathways

By the end of our intensive bootcamp, your team will become confident ServiceNow ITSM developers. They will no longer shy away from tackling complex projects, equipped with the skills to translate user stories and requirements into actionable solutions. Our program explores common pitfalls while also equipping participants with best practices for ServiceNow development. We provide the training and expertise necessary to work within the ServiceNow environment.

To sign up for a session, get in touch online or give us a call at (917) 952-5004. Don’t wait – join Pathways and unlock your potential as a ServiceNow developer today!