Success Story: Retail

A "big bang approach" to refreshed ServiceNow instances

Pathways assisted a client in the retail industry with a complete redesign and relaunch of their ServiceNow environments. Prior to Pathways’ involvement, this organization had only a single instance where they had production data alongside current development work, which led to an overall poor user experience that did not align with ITIL or ServiceNow’s recommended approach.

Our team’s initial effort focused on a “big bang,” where we introduced Development and Test instances to stand alongside the existing Production environment. These additional instances allow the organization to develop and test new enhancements and bugfixes prior to promoting them in the live Production environment.

After this initial effort, the Pathways team sat with the organization’s stakeholders and were able to build enhancements to their Incident, Change, and Asset Management applications, along with making improvements to their Service Portal and Service Catalog.
Not only were we able to incorporate these new process improvements, but we were also able to preserve all of their original data and keep it for audit purposes.

In addition, the Pathways team identified the organization’s need for a New Hire order guide in order to streamline their onboarding process. With the help of Pathways’ Business Analysts, our team was able to build this process to fit the organization’s needs.

At the conclusion of this project, our client has a multitude of improvements to their ServiceNow experience, including a Service Portal with their company’s theming and branding for their end users to request items. Their internal teams also have more efficient processes for their ServiceNow applications, including automated assignment rules, automatically-generated approval notifications and a myriad of other quality-of-life features.
Additionally, they are now aligned with best practices and have three functional environments to develop, perform testing activities and an end user Production instance for live data.