the ServiceNow Paris release

The new ServiceNow Paris release – three key features

Twice a year, ServiceNow releases a new upgrade for users to stay in line with best practices. With so many great new things, here are three features we felt needed to be shouted out.


  1. Process Automation Designer

If your team uses the Flow Designer, then you will love what Process Automation Designer has in store for you. To recap, the Flow Designer is a Now Platform feature that automates processes in a single design environment, allowing for a faster workflow without the need for coding. To make this process even more efficient, the Process Automation Designer will enable you to organize Flow Designer content into a more unified cross-enterprise process to provide users with a simplified, task-oriented view of your processes.

Among the multitude of benefits, some of the key bonuses include being able to reuse existing Flow Designer content and consolidate separate business processes across the entire organization.


  1. Predictive Intelligence Workbench

The Predictive Intelligence Workbench is a brand-new feature in the Paris release that introduces pre-built use case templates to create intelligent business processes. Predictive Intelligence uses artificial intelligence to provide better IT experiences for your users. Visibility is made much more efficient. You’ll be able to determine your business value, monitor your models and view related statistics.


  1. Playbooks for customer service management

In order to resolve specific customer service cases, playbooks will provide step-by-step guidance for completing the necessary tasks to reach resolution. Playbooks will help manage the life cycle of these specific cases and will detail the associated workflows and steps that need to be completed. Workflows are also broken into multiple stages, with each stage including a list of steps the agent needs to perform, status indicators, and check boxes to indicate where the user is in the workflow.



These are just 3 of the many new features ServiceNow Paris has in store. If you have not yet upgraded your instance within the last year, ServiceNow recommends at least one upgrade per year to stay up to date with best practices. Are you looking to upgrade to the latest release of ServiceNow and are in need of assistance? Our team of ServiceNow Elite Partners have established a defined, polished upgrade methodology that can get your team up and running in as little as 30 days. Interested in getting started? Contact a member of our team today.