New in New York: Innovation Management

Sometimes a really great idea can go unnoticed if employees aren’t encouraged enough or the proper platform isn’t in place.

The new Innovation Management application in ServiceNow’s New York release introduces a whole new approach to the Idea phase of a project that will help deliver business outcomes much more efficiently. Prior to this improvement, anyone within the organization still had the ability to submit their ideas, but unless they were a member of the project team, their visibility was very limited.

Now, Innovation Management enables users to submit, view and analyze all ideas in one location, helping narrow down the list of options down to the idea with the greatest potential for implementation.

This is made possible through the new Idea Portal that streamlines the process behind gathering ideas, evaluating them, selecting the top choice and then moving forward. The idea or demand manager in charge will be the one who evaluates these submitted ideas and makes the decision on whether to promote the accepted ideas to demands, epics, features or stories.

You might be thinking: “What makes this so collaborative?” Well, just because the person in charge is the one who chooses the idea path doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who have a say — the Idea Portal gives users the ability to vote and comment their feedback or suggestions. Voting on ideas will measure interest and help prioritize when trying to filter through. The ability to comment provides a sense of collaboration where users can suggest similar ideas to minimize duplication or simply say “Great idea!”



With Innovation Management, employees now have a space where they are encouraged to share their innovative and impactful ideas that would have likely gone unnoticed otherwise. Having full visibility towards the feedback and impressions can not only boost employee engagement but further open up the floor for more ideas.



Innovation Management is available as part of ServiceNow’s IT Business Management suite. If you are interested in engaging employees and encouraging innovation, our team at Pathways can help guide you towards that route! Contact a member of our team today to learn more.