Knowledge Base: Your one-stop shop for all company information

What do you do when you need to view company holidays or policies? Do you find yourself relying on manual communication, like sending an email to Human Resources?

At Pathways, our team has simplified the process of looking up company information by leveraging a one-stop easy-to-use platform: ServiceNow’s Knowledge Base. Our company Knowledge Base makes it easy to look up important company information that would otherwise need to be located by skimming through a flooded inbox or having to reach out to another team member. This includes items such as:

• Employee Directory and Handbook
• Employee Recognition and Success Stories
• Internal Newsletters

Aside from locating records, we also use our Knowledge Base for storing technical information. Many of our employees benefit from the troubleshooting guides and code repositories in the event they run into an issue and needs to resolve it efficiently without reinventing the wheel. Our team recognizes the value of having known errors and repeatable solutions at our fingertips.

Our team at Pathways can help your relevant information within arm’s reach. Chat with one of our team members to find out what additional benefits a ServiceNow’s Knowledge Base can bring to your organization!