Keep your contractual obligations with Service Level Management in ServiceNow

Does your organization have contractual timelines that need to be followed, but you’re not always sure where you stand? Are you part of an organization that is struggling to resolve internal incidents or requests in a reasonable time period? ServiceNow’s Service Level Management can provide your team with automated, comprehensive Service Level Agreement monitoring and reporting capabilities.

In addition to the initial setup of your service levels, you can include escalations at any point in the process, like setting a follow-up email to a team and its management when half of the SLA time is gone. Escalations and alerts can be triggered whenever you need them!

SLAs ensure that tickets are prioritized based on the impact, urgency and contractual obligations that these requests have on your business. It provides a metric to continuously improve and monitor the quality of service promised while providing a consistent and appropriate fulfillment.

Service Level Management has the capability to introduce tremendous value to your organization, regardless of your industry. For more information on Service Level Management, watch this video demonstration.

To learn more about SLM and what value SLAs can bring to your organization, contact us today!