Automation is not a threat to our jobs – it’s making the workplace more efficient.

We’ve been hearing the craze about self-driving cars and their ability to deliver pizza or packages to our homes.

However, automation is not that complex, it’s actually pretty simple and is more common than you’d think. Whether it’s taking cash from the ATM, starting the engine of your vehicle or placing an order on Amazon, all of these are everyday examples of how automation helps make our lives more convenient, so we can get more done. When organizations adopt automation into their processes, employees can get their work done at a faster pace, allowing them to direct the rest of their day towards other important tasks.

Automation can provide a multitude of benefits to any organization, including:

  • Correspondence
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Invoice and accounts receivable
  • Record keeping
  • Data analysis
  • Information sharing

Tasks that are usually boring, bulky and undesirable are now being automated, freeing up employees for more important tasks.

The real question may be, “But wait, what about MY job?” The answer is: It’s still there, you now just get to focus on more important things because the reality is, our jobs are growing, not shrinking!

At Pathways, we have recently launched our Client Portal, a one-stop platform for our clients to submit a request, check the status of their request or submit a problem. What was once a manual process driven by emails or phone calls now is easily submitted and tracked and routed through an automated process.

Thanks to the automation behind the client portal, there’s no more disorganization or miscommunication.

Looking to consider the idea of automation practices in your business? Let us guide you. Email us at for more information.