Introducing the new Client Portal from Pathways

Imagine being able to submit requests for new development work or seeing the status of your previous requests without having to email your account manager. With Pathways’ new Client Portal, you can relieve the stress of manual communication and instead rely on a single automated platform for all of your questions, requests and status reports.

Pathways is proud to announce our new Client Portal for Production Support services. From an intuitive interface, you can enter new requests, select an urgency and approve the estimate. Once work has been completed, you’ll get a notification to approve our work before we move it to production. You can even send us a message or ask questions in the same screen!

If you want to view the status of an existing request — or even the overall status of your contract — you don’t need to send an email. On the Client Portal, your existing requests are visible for full transparency into our development efforts. We also include a burndown chart so you can see the status of your contract.

With the  Client Portal from Pathways, you can now monitor existing enhancements without the hassle of manual communication. Now, you can continue business efficiently without the setbacks from misplaced messages, a disorganized inbox or other communication woes. For more information, email us today!