process automation

Why is process automation worth the investment?

Process automation has become essential for all industries. Many decision makers want manual tasks to be automated to reduce time, cost, and risk for nearly any task. Simply put, automation frees up your team’s time from manual, repetitive tasks and improves productivity and efficiency while also severely reducing human error. Before investing in automation, you need to accurately measure your need for it as well as the overall return on your investment. Below we’re sharing a few ways how automating manual processes with the help of the ServiceNow platform (and a dedicated ServiceNow partner) can make your investment pay for itself within a small time frame.

How ServiceNow automation can benefit your business.

At Pathways Consulting Group, we recognize there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Sometimes, you need another set of hands (or in this case, a workflow automation platform solution) to help you complete your tasks. With ServiceNow and a dedicated Elite Partner like Pathways Consulting Group, receive the tools, solutions, and platform you need to help make the dream of powerful automation a reality at your organization. 

Below, we dive a little deeper into how automation and working with a ServiceNow Elite Partner like Pathways can help you focus on the bigger picture and automate some of the more manual processes in your business. 

Automation can keep tasks on track.

Gone are the days of getting bogged down by tedious tasks! By partnering with a ServiceNow Elite Partner like Pathways, you’ll be able to lighten the load on your teams by reducing manual record entry, standing up automatic group task assignments, and utilizing real-time work queues to plan your day. Effortlessly pull and publish live reports from the ServiceNow platform with visualizations of your data that you can share with users on dashboards, export to PDF, or email. Keeping tasks on track and freeing up humans so they can focus on more high-value work is one of the main goals of process automation – and Pathways is here to help.

Automation saves you time.

If you’ve been reading along, you already know automation exists to save you time, and in the world of business, time is money. However, cost-effectiveness isn’t the only benefit: Saving time frees up your team to get more actual work done. And when you’re not focusing on time-consuming tasks, you can focus more on your critical responsibilities. Speed up everyday tasks, boost productivity, and get a lot more done with existing resources with Pathways Consulting Group. 

Automation can help you grow and scale.

With a workflow automation platform like ServiceNow, costs and time required to execute day-to-day operational tasks decreases, which ultimately increases your team’s efficiency. Automation takes care of the daily struggles so your employees can concentrate on development processes for innovation and growth rather than being weighed down with manual processes. Automation gives you the freedom to scale because it works for you and your business. 

Automation can produce an instant ROI.

Yes, that’s right. Automation often delivers a near-instant ROI for businesses. Why? Because you’re saving hours of valuable time on routine tasks, arranging your information in one place, and allowing your day-to-day operations and processes to scale. Building processes to take full advantage of your automation tools can boost performance capabilities while saving on costs and increasing return on investment. Partnering with Pathways Consulting Group’s decade-plus of ServiceNow experience can help you achieve that ROI.

Why ServiceNow automation is a valuable addition to your business 

Automation can have a significant positive impact on businesses, regardless of the size or industry, and it’s revolutionizing how organizations handle tasks across all departments. The most often mentioned advantages of automation include:  

  • Fewer human errors
  • Higher quality work
  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Improved productivity
  • Free up more time for employees
  • Reduced labor costs

If you’re ready to obtain more time and freedom to focus on strategy, innovation, and customer experience, contact the professionals at Pathways Consulting Group to see how we can help your organization.