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What is the ServiceNow platform?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow platform that enables organizations to improve operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating routine work tasks. Specializing in IT Services Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), and IT Business Management (ITBM), ServiceNow allows users to manage projects, teams, and customer interactions and experiences through a wide variety of applications and plugins. It uses machine learning technology to leverage data and workflows to help organizations become faster and more scalable. While originally created for ITSM, it has since evolved into a robust enterprise cloud solution that can be used across various industries to unite several business functions under one umbrella. 

ServiceNow benefits and key features

In today’s world, organizations across every industry are looking to achieve full self-service capabilities for their different business functions and processes. With ServiceNow, you can transform workflows and drive innovation while ensuring better alignment with your business priorities on a single cloud platform. And when you partner with a dedicated ServiceNow partner, you can enjoy some of these primary benefits:

  • Automate routine processes
  • Integration capabilities make it easier to further expand its features by combining with other tools 
  • Easily track assets with real-time analysis and reporting 
  • Assign and prioritize work automatically
  • Data confidentiality and integrity 
  • Maintain clear visibility to stakeholders
  • Save time during request fulfillment 
  • Consolidate systems into a single architecture
  • Provide better customer support
  • Easily customize settings based on your requirements

ServiceNow products and services 

ServiceNow provides an extensive range of IT solutions to accelerate business innovation and supercharge experiences for your organization. Some of the core ServiceNow product offerings include:

ITSM – Accelerate your digital transformation effort with resilient, productivity-boosting services. 

NOW Platform – Transform your organization, digitize your business, and deliver next-generation experiences with the Now Platform. 

HR Service Delivery – Improve productivity and focus on more personalized HR services by streamlining the employee service experience. 

Customer Service Management – Easily connect customer service with other departments to quickly automate requests, solve problems, and engage customers with effortless experiences. 

Security Operations – Identify and respond to security incidents and improve cyber resilience. 

Why Pathways? 

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, we have the expertise to cover every aspect of the platform. At Pathways Consulting Group, we are one of a limited number of ServiceNow partners who have earned the status of an Elite Partner, meaning we have been recognized by ServiceNow for a significant number of success metrics. In addition to our certifications and deep expertise, we have years of real-life experience implementing, maintaining, and supporting the ServiceNow platform. Connect with our team at 917-952-5004 to see how we can help your organization.