Useful resources for coders – from our developers

At Pathways, our team of developers spend a majority of their day working with various scripts of code. This includes JavaScript inside of ServiceNow or any number of programming languages that are utilized during client engagements. If you are a developer yourself, then you understand how the right tool can make coding that much easier.

Luckily, the internet gives us access to the world’s knowledge with just a few simple clicks. Below are some of our developers’ personal recommendations for resources that help make programming, debugging , or seeking new ideas come faster, easier and free of cost!

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GitHub is a development platform where developers can store their projects and be able to network with likeminded users. The “Git” in GitHub stands for the open-source version control software that is used as a command-line tool. Open-source indicates that the source code software is available to the public for use and modification from its original design and version control records those changes to the file over time so that the user can recall which versions were used at a later time.

When developers are working on an application, they are making constant changes to the code and releasing new versions. Should they want to collaborate with other developers working on similar projects, or simply want to generate new ideas or work through problems – GitHub is their central repository for sharing that information. For more information on GitHub and its use cases, click here.


Bootstrap is a free, front-end library framework for easier, faster web development. HTML and CSS design templates are provided for typography, buttons, forms, tables, etc. for developers to use when they want their pages looking sharp, without having to do all the work. Users simply copy and paste the provided code into their script and done!










Notepad ++ 

A popular open source text and source code editing program, Notepad++ supports multiple programming languages including HTML, CSS, C++ and Java. With tabbed editing, users are able to work with multiple open files within a single window. It features syntax highlighting, code folding and limited autocompletion for programming, scripting and markup languages. Much like a digital diary, you can write whatever you want and access it at anytime. Aside from text, there are also some useful tricks you can implement as well. Check them out here.








Stack Overflow 

Stuck on a problem that Google can’t solve? Similar to the layout of Reddit, Stack Overflow is question and answer forum site that can be utilized by anyone with coding experience to learn and share their knowledge. Millions of users come to Stack Overflow each month to help solve coding problems, develop new skills and seek job opportunities. Users can post a question and tag the relevant topic in which any user has the ability to share their solution.











ServiceNow Developer Blog

Written by members of the ServiceNow Developer Program Team, the developer blog is home to tons and tons of documentation providing tips, guidance, code share and learning resources. As ServiceNow partners since 2012, our development team utilizes the Developer Blog for important information regarding new features and functionality so that we can provide expert service to our valued clients.











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