custom servicenow training

Top features of custom ServiceNow training

Year after year, organizations across the country choose the ServiceNow platform for its proven track record of reshaping how businesses handle their workflows. Through curated experiences, ServiceNow lays the foundation for all digital workflows in an organization. If you are one of the thousands of companies that use this digital efficiency, chances are you are not entirely proficient with the platform. We can help! If you are looking to accelerate platform adoption, avoid service disruptions, and see faster ROI, ServiceNow training could be beneficial for your team. Below we highlight how Pathways Consulting Group can help your enterprise with custom ServiceNow training.

Improves user productivity 

The heart of your organization is your employees. That is why it is essential to provide training for your dedicated team. When you take advantage of Pathways role-based training, everyone from end-users, fulfillment teams, trainers, and executives, learn ServiceNow fundamentals and how the platform directly impacts your business’s goals and objectives. Our approach ensures that the appropriate groups receive the proper training so everyone can obtain the knowledge they need to be comfortable with the platform. When everyone understands their role and function within ServiceNow, productivity improves across your organization, and employees receive a better overall experience. 

Keeps users motivated and improves retention

When you partner with Pathways and our customized training, we focus on specific applications and end-to-end processes that your employees within their roles will encounter during their daily activities. By utilizing this role-based approach, our training team can keep users motivated, instill a high level of knowledge, comfort, and confidence, and improve retention rates, starting on day one of platform adoption. Through our training, you also have options to create documentation to keep your employees knowledgeable and up to date about products and processes critical to your day-to-day operations. 

Cost and time savings

Because we have participated in hundreds of implementations of all sizes and industries, we know our way around the ServiceNow platform. We incorporate the lessons we learned from these implementations to save you time and money through accelerated user adoption and reduction of risk of project failures, all while increasing your return on investment. Our team provides expert training resources, so you have everything you need to plan, design, build, and deliver exceptional user training. 

Customized to your implementation

The professional, customized training by Pathways provides learning and support for your configured applications. We supply innovative training solutions tailored to your platform and processes by working with your subject matter experts. With the help of your team, we write and produce custom quick reference guides and user manuals unique to your business processes within your ServiceNow instance. Customized training help to keep the most relevant information at your team’s fingertips, ensuring your ServiceNow transformation will be a success. 

How Pathways Consulting Group can help with ServiceNow transformation and training 

At Pathways Consulting Group, we do things differently—our dedicated team of ServiceNow experts provides process guidance and systems explanations tailored to your unique ServiceNow instance. We have worked with thousands of organizations both large and small, delivering the proper training, tools, and resources to ensure your rollout is successful. If you are looking for exceptional, custom ServiceNow platform training, do not hesitate to contact us today.