Tired of routine tasks? Automate them with Virtual Agent from ServiceNow

Recently, we discussed the features and benefits behind the new Agent Intelligence application within ServiceNow. The London upgrade showed us some pretty cool new features that assist in making our work days a bit easier. Another one of these features is the Virtual Agent. According to ServiceNow, your IT productivity will improve by 20% or more with structured machine learning to automate routine tasks.

Virtual agent is put in place to provide a direct solution to common, repetitive IT service tasks and requests by delivering self-service responses via an automated, conversational chatbot. A big benefit of virtual agent to employees is that this will give clients the consistent 24/7 self-service they need without spending too much time away from more complex tasks. This will also produce greater scalability for the software and give room for smarter resource spending.

The virtual agent can also generate in-context conversation and direct users to resources like ServiceNow service catalogs, Knowledge Base items and IT incidents.

Say you have a broken computer screen. Instead of typing into the search bar and being presented with an abundance of FAQ’s and support forums, the user can visit the ServiceNow Service page and be almost immediately greeted by a pop-up chat box. Here, the user can state they have a broken screen and the artificial intelligence behind the chatbot will instantly know what to do and can direct you to the quickest resolution.

At Pathways, our team not only helps implement ServiceNow software, but are long-time users as well. Curious about adopting the virtual agent into your instance but unsure how to move forward? We can help you. For more information, click here to schedule a demo.