The importance of Co-Innovation for businesses

In today’s work environment, regardless of the industry, staying competitive in this volatile market is paramount to success. Many firms have started to look toward how they build their workforce to find that competitive advantage. As companies try to achieve maximum efficiency while remaining ambitious, they typically look at what obligation is the most costly investment. Generally, personnel is at the top of that list. With challenges arising, like skill shortages and unplanned attrition, many organizations are left with project delays and budget overruns, which are cumbersome and costly. Contingent workers, also known as subcontractors, can be a saving grace for businesses looking to overcome these challenges. 

While technology has completely revolutionized the working world, many organizations still struggle to find the level of collaboration and expertise they desire from an external workforce. If this sounds like your business, Pathways Consulting Group can help. Our team is always looking for innovative solutions that address wasted time and labor, and pent-up demand while remaining cost-effective and efficient to keep your company moving forward. Partnering with Pathways and our Co-Innovation model can help you find the specialized workforce you need to get your job done quickly and accurately. Below we delve into the importance of Co-Innovation and how our subcontractors can benefit your organization. 

Benefits of a contingent workforce

A contingent workforce is a pool of workers that an organization hires temporarily or on an on-demand basis. Many companies utilize a blend of contingent workers and permanent resources for their projects. Subcontracting can be beneficial to organizations that need to scale their workforce to meet demand or hire individuals who possess a unique skill set to accomplish a technologically advanced project. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of a contingent workforce in detail: 

Much more cost-effective for business owners than a direct hire or permanent employee.

If your organization is looking for a highly skilled individual to work on a short-term project, a subcontractor can fit this role wonderfully while also helping you reduce expenses. Unlike permanent employees, a contingent workforce doesn’t bear overhead. Additionally, they don’t require benefits like health insurance or paid time off. When you utilize the Co-Innovation model, you partner with dedicated ServiceNow-certified experts like System Administrators and Technical Architects to help you tackle daily operations while reducing expenses. 

A contingent workforce increases flexibility.

Having business agility helps you respond better to changing circumstances. The temporary, highly specialized, short-term nature of a contingent workforce fits ideally with this model. A company utilizes external workers only when needed, allowing them to eliminate long-term, costly, and inflexible agreements. Your business can enjoy more flexibility when you employ the Co-Innovation model that offers a pool of able and accomplished individuals for collaboration. 

Brings a new perspective to the table. 

Sometimes, you need a fresh pair of eyes on a project to identify problem areas and offer intelligent solutions. Enjoy a specialized skill set and niche expertise with a contingent workforce. As a result, you and your team can appreciate a diverse and unbiased viewpoint that benefits your organization. With Co-Innovation, we only offer high-level staffing. We believe it’s not just about the individual that sits across from you—it’s about the entire team behind them. And you only get that level of support with an initiative like Co-Innovation.

Navigating a contingent workforce with Pathways Consulting Group and Co-Innovation

Co-Innovation is more than just a body doing a task. Unlike contract workers who operate by themselves or an entire offshore team who likely knows little about your business, Co-Innovation delivers a different perspective; you are backed by an on-shore team with industry-leading ServiceNow experience across multiple industries and workflows, focusing on making your vision a success. You and your business will have access to countless senior-level individuals with exceptional ServiceNow skills and years of experience when you employ Co-Innovation at your organization. Keep your company moving forward with timely responses to business objectives with Pathways. Connect with us at 917-952-5004 to see how we can assist your organization.