The impact of a beneficial onboarding experience

When a new employee first enters the workplace, it’s natural for them to feel nervous and a little anxious about their new work environment and co-workers. One of the best ways to make them feel more at home and ready to take on a new “norm” is through a personal and interactive onboarding process.

As a company, you want all of your employees to feel they are part of a team and are fulfilling a position of purpose. Companies like ServiceNow say a beneficial onboarding experience brings the unique opportunity to excite new hires and give them the confidence that they have joined a great team.

There are so many benefits that an impactful onboarding process can bring, including: 

•         Attracting and retaining top talent

•         Early employee engagement

•         Bossing business growth

•         Building trust and alignment

•         Encouraging open communication

•         Decreasing employee turnover

As a smaller organization, the experience of each individual employee is that more much important at Pathways. In order to continue to grow and succeed as a business, we want every new hire to hit the ground running with the training and resources they need to reach their maximum potential.

One way that Pathways makes the onboarding process more engaging and interactive for new hires is by conducting HR Onboarding interviews at their 30, 60 and 90-day marks. With questions designed specifically for each milestone, we are able to both gain insight from the new hire about their onboarding experience while also surveying them for ways to improve the process for other new hires in the future.

Along with the HR Onboarding Interviews, Pathways also assigns every new hire an “Onboarding Companion.” This companion is usually a senior-level employee assigned to be the new hire’s go-to person when they need questions answered, day-to-day assistance, and general guidance during their 90-day onboarding period. Onboarding companions are also a great way to help new hires socialize with their peers and feel comfortable having at least one person they can know they can go to with questions in their first weeks and months of employment.

Overall, the key is to make your new hires feel welcome — make them feel like they made the right choice.

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