Telemedicine Technology — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

Making trips to the doctor’s office hasn’t been a walk in the park lately, as the effects from COVID-19 continue to burden on our everyday life.

Thankfully, this has given technology advancements like Telemedicine a chance to show its incredible benefits. These connective technology services give patients a chance to meet with their physicians remotely to receive the care they need – whether it’s for a follow-up visit, checking vitals, monitoring glucose levels or simply answering a couple questions.

Telemedicine has served a great impact on the medical world during this time since it helps avoid high-risk patients from being exposed to potential infection. This is just one of many great benefits Telemedicine has to offer – which is why this segment is just one of many.

Check out Mary’s first segment on Telemedicine below on this week’s Tech Watch on Women to Watch with Susan Rocco:

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