Staying organized with our custom-built calendar widget

Can your team effectively track their schedules and see their allocations without getting a headache? Are you still tracking time off of a spreadsheet?

Thanks to the Service Portal in ServiceNow and our staff of certified ServiceNow experts, we’ve created an internal Service Portal widget for our employees to utilize for their needs whether it’s viewing their remaining vacation days, seeing who’s out of the office for the holiday week or even forecasting their future project availability.

This custom-built calendar widget is built to easily track our team’s current projects, allocations and tasks. It will take anything date-driven and make it interactive while displaying a list of any calendar events related to change management or other records with start/end dates. We can also see who has scheduled time off or who might need a helping hand during a busy stretch of time. Our single-screen solution lets every member of our team remain well-informed without ever having to open another application or leave the Service Portal.

The calendar widget is ideal for when users want to check for any changes coming down the pipe and one of our prime use cases is for change requests. Say you plan on upgrading the server at midnight on a Tuesday – instead of having users panicking over the system being shut down, the calendar widget presents an alert so that users will know exactly what is going on and when. This is also incredibly useful for clients when they want to be aware of upcoming changes and have the ability to drill into the record to see them. If five are taking place on the same day and some are priority or business critical, the client can make a recommendation to move the change so there are not so many happening at once.

Let us show you the value and power of leveraging the reporting and dashboard capabilities within ServiceNow. Our team can create a custom solution for your unique needs, whether it’s showing resource allocations, tracking your department’s budget or anything in between. We know it’ll help; we use it ourselves! Contact a member of our team here.