Social media influence and our youth – Mary Manzo speaks

For this week’s Tech Watch, Mary Manzo discusses the technology evolution and how it is impacting the way the mix of generations communicate at home, school and work. It’s the way people now stay connected and is a part of our everyday life.

The activity among social media platforms continues to increase. To this date there are an estimated 2.6 billion users on these sites.

Generation Z (anyone born between 1995 and the mid-2000s) uses about five different social media sites a day. According to some reports, this generation spends as much as 3–4 hours online per day and would rather have working WiFi than working bathrooms.

As adults, we need to take matters into our own hands and guide teenagers to act responsibly. It’s a fact that once something is posted on social media, it is nearly impossible to remove its mark.

A post tells the world something about who they are and sets a tone. Therefore, it is important that young people know that what they post today will be how they’re seen in the future by friends, family, schools, employers and worse – potential predators.

What are your thoughts? To listen to Mary’s full segment, tune in below:



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