Sharing internal knowledge with ServiceNow custom application capabilities

Say you come across some helpful information you want to share with your team. You’d attach the link within an email, send it out with anticipation for feedback, then – nothing.

Throughout the course of a busy workday, not everyone has the time or energy to invest their attention into something they don’t feel is a priority. That’s why at Pathways, we created Lunch and Learn – a custom application we built inside of ServiceNow that can specifically be used for internal knowledge transfers.

Lunch and Learns give employees the chance to sit down and share their learning experience or discuss requested topics during the lunch hour. Should an idea or sudden change come into mind, the user can submit a request, choose a date, and then once approved, the app will automatically send a notification to everyone on hand.

Our team at Pathways feels that the Lunch and Learn sessions make it easier to retain the information discussed because of the more relaxed, conversational environment. Not only do our team members learn new knowledge, but they also get a chance to bond with the rest of the team, sharing what they know with those specialized in one area than another.

Lunch and Learns are especially convenient when a new release from ServiceNow is approaching. The internal training session highlights all of the new changes coming through in advance, opening up the floor for discussion, and heading into the new upgrade with a solid foundation.

Scheduling a Lunch and Learn session through ServiceNow is quick, straightforward and instantly automated once approved. If you feel your team could use a more productive, friendly learning environment – let us show you! Contact a member of our team for more information.