ServiceNow’s Continual Improvement Management can help your company grow

Continual Improvement Management is a new application in ServiceNow’s London release. CIM can be leveraged to manage improvements within your organization, including tracking your goals to measure successes.

Once Continual Improvement Management is enabled, you have complete control when it comes to setting up your improvement plan from request to implementation and monitoring via dashboards and workbenches. A typical lifecycle begins with an employee recognizing the need for an improvement. Once that request is submitted, it then gets prioritized and approved. The final steps include creating phases and tasks for the improvement. As tasks get worked, statuses can be monitored via dashboards and workbenches to ensure your team is on-track to hit their deadlines.

The Pathways team can help lead you on a more organized path towards success. To find out more, schedule a demo with one of our ServiceNow experts.