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Saving time with Certify Plus NOW

Your enterprise needs to be nimble in today’s dynamic business environment. But with that agility comes a lot of risks. Avoid facing compliance issues and ensure sensitive information remains protected at all times with Certify Plus NOW. Certify Plus NOW is our audit solution for user and privileged access that provides a robust framework to mitigate risks and address compliance requirements. 

Utilizing a solution like Certify Plus NOW is crucial in preventing and detecting errors before they negatively impact your organization. To maintain security and meet the ever-stringent compliance requirements around user and privileged access, you need an interface like Certify Plus NOW. With this integration, you can enjoy a simplified, structured approach to access certification and improve the audit process. 

At Pathways Consulting Group, we’re always looking for ways to help our clients improve their time-consuming manual operations, and we all recognize the audit process can be a labor-intensive undertaking. If you fail an audit, your organization faces hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, loss of trust, decreased stock prices, a significant impact on job security, negative press, and remediation costs that can be long-term and monumental. Make your world of work perform better for you and your organization with Certify Plus NOW. Below we dive into how you can save valuable time and resources with Certify Plus NOW.  

Benefits of the new Certify Plus NOW audit management solution

It happens to the best of us; as a business owner, leadership member, or stakeholder, you’re tasked with identifying every business risk you may face, whether social, economic, financial, or operational, and assessing and managing them sufficiently. It’s a full-time job. Hence the need for a robust approach to innovate at scale and speed, optimize processes, stay compliant, reduce costs, improve labor-intensive manual audit procedures, and create new value across your entire enterprise. With Certify Plus NOW, you can automate the entire audit process with our easier-to-use solution that is cost-effective and ensures that only the right people can access the right information at any given time, eliminate recurring audit findings, enhance audit assurance, and increase productivity. Besides these apparent benefits, your organization can enjoy the following: 

Prepare better for audits.

Improve internal audit management and planning by assessing auditable units in advance with the help of Certify Plus NOW. Compliance controls and workflows make it easy to ensure that the right people have the right access to the right information at the right time to keep you audit ready always. 

Eliminate recurring findings and errors.

Audit logging capabilities permit you to look in one place to find certification records, logs, and access levels. Certify Plus NOW keeps every relevant fragment of information in the system for easy access and complete transparency for the end-to-end certification process. The result? A reduction in errors with built-in security features protecting your sensitive data in the cloud. 

Increase productivity across your enterprise.

Say goodbye to permission spreadsheets forever and improve labor-intensive manual processes with audit help from Certify Plus NOW. Audit information can be turned around quickly, often in hours; this helps you knock down silos, drive workforce productivity, accelerate innovation, and deliver incredible experiences for your employees and clients.

Improve decision-making.

More than just a repository, Certify Plus NOW delivers real-time insights that drive decision-making. Easily differentiate issues from general observations and communicate priorities at every level of your organization. Track the progress of your audit plan, stay on top of action items, and continually monitor the status to help make better decisions across the entire enterprise. 

Access certification and audit help from Pathways Consulting Group

Are you ready to explore the opportunities within Certify Plus NOW? Our flexible audit solution was built for automating manual business processes so your organization can save time, reduce errors, and enjoy a quick ROI. Reach out to the experts at Pathways today for more information on how Certify Plus NOW connects people and data for greater productivity, efficiency, and innovation.