Web cam set up for a zoom meeting with masks hanging on it

Pathways Consulting Group awarded Most Compelling Integration at ServiceNow Knowledge 2021 Hackathon

Team Scrantonicity, representing Pathways Consulting Group, was awarded the Most Compelling IntegrationHub Spoke award at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2021 CreatorCon Hackathon.

During the 24-hour hackathon, teams of up to 5 people were tasked to create a new, custom application that showcased the power of the ServiceNow platform. This year’s hackathon drew more than 100 teams vying for six awards.

The Pathways team created an application called Request Automated In-office Delivery (RAID) that can be used for a myriad of delivery options. The team’s demonstration video showcased an employee rendering a face covering unusable, verbally requesting a new mask via an Amazon Alexa interface that triggered an interaction within ServiceNow to create a request and assign it to a member of the fulfillment team.

Once the member of the fulfillment team packed the mask on the drone, a new task was generated for ServiceNow to locate the user and send the drone to the user’s location to deliver the requested item.

Other use cases for RAID that were mentioned in the demo include remote delivery of office supplies, marketing items, new hardware and more. The team has mentioned that RAID can be configured for a multitude of different uses, based on the capabilities of the drones.

You can watch the entire demonstration video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bWxRz0ufwY

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