Mike James or Superman?

Our November 2020 Employee of the Month – Mike James

Congratulations to our Senior Development Consultant, Mike James – our November 2020 Employee of the Month!

While we continue to push through these difficult times, our Development team has been going above and beyond to provide quality service to our clients. As one of our all-star developers, Mike has exceeded well beyond our expectations of what it means to be exceptional and collaborative – our core values here at Pathways.

Mike is consistently delivering quality to our clients and is almost always willing to help someone with a task. If someone has a question, even if he does not have an exact answer, he is usually there helping to facilitate the conversation to an answer. He is genuinely positive and always seems to have a joke lined up for most things people say and helps keep everyone’s morale high!

Mike is always light-hearted in everything he does which is comforting to the team he works with that everything is under control. He is considered to be an awesome teammate to work with and is someone every developer should look up to.

What a way to be exceptional and collaborative! Thank you, Mike for all that you do for Team Pathways and enjoy this wonderful accomplishment!

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