Our June 2020 Employee of the Month – Kristen Pierce

Congratulations to our HR Generalist, Kristen Pierce – our June 2020 Employee of the Month! Recognized for her incredible work ethic during these crazy times as our team continues to grow, Kristen has done an exceptional job handling all the different items. Here is what some of our employees have had to say:


“Kristen’s plate has been pretty full with so many different items this past month and her ability to work through them has been incredible. She is both collaborative and exceptional in her approach. Her ability to shift gears is impressive. She is a results oriented individual and is always willing to do what it takes to see things through and get the job done. Big high five to Kristen!”


“I am nominating Kristen to be our EOTM for June.  She has been working extremely hard recruiting and adding so much to her plate this past month with ease.  She is always collaborating and does absolutely exceptional.  She most definitely deserves it in my eyes!”


“I firmly believe Kristen should be recognized as EOTM because she has been working a nonstop grind these past couple of weeks – even months. Especially since right now we are taking a lot of new applicants and she’s the first person everyone has to speak to. I imagine that can be super stressful! Kristen also still takes time out of her busy day to have 1 on 1’s with whoever would like to chat. In my opinion, she’s a quiet hustler who genuinely cares about everyone around her. I think that right there idolizes the Be Exceptional component of our core values! I can go on about how much she is appreciated.”



What a way to be exceptional and collaborative. Congratulations Kristen!!

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