Our August 2020 Employee of the Month – Frank Biancardi

Congratulations to our Director of Delivery Frank Biancardi – our August 2020 Employee of the Month! Frank has been recognized for going above and beyond in terms of what it means to be exceptional and collaborative. Here is what some of his peers have had to say:


“Frank is always fighting for the delivery team, whether its finding consultants to bridge the gap in allocations or dealing with interpersonal problems on the team. Frank works his butt off to make Pathways run like a top, and I don’t feel he gets the recognition he deserves. This past month has been exceptionally difficult with vacations and allocations and shifting priorities, and Frank has managed to keep the shop running.”

“Frank is one of the hardest working people I know. He is fair, easy to talk to, and gives great advice. He is dealing with trying to resource our company which is rapidly growing while at the same time still making sure that everyone isn’t going bananas by working themselves to death. It is the toughest balancing act that I’ve seen be done here at PCG on the delivery-side and it is amazing that he is so good at it. I am proud to work with Frank and have really come to trust and value his opinions.”

“I’d like to nominate Frank Biancardi for EOTM. It is incredible the amount of balls that Frank can juggle at one time and remain so calm. This past month has been incredibly stressful filled with activity, blind-sided requests, interviews, and lots of planning and tugging on the coat strings. Frank remains at an even keel collaborating with the teams and executing with an exceptional level of professionalism that I wish I could emulate. I really don’t know what I would do without Frank and I am so thankful to be working with him through this incredible time.”

“Frank’s ability to remain calm and collected has never been more apparent than it’s been during our latest period of growth. When it’s slow, he’s able to ramp up internal projects to keep us moving forward with improvements. And when it’s busy, he still finds ways to not only keep the internal initiatives going, but he also monitors workloads and resources to ensure our team isn’t getting severely overworked for months on end. He always aims to keep the team centered and even-keel. He’s also available to chat and answer questions, which is remarkable judging by the constant meetings that line his calendar week after week.”


What a way to be exceptional and collaborative. Congratulations Frank!!

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