‘NutriNow’, Pathways’ approach to better health in the workplace

When it comes to the overall well-being of an organization, employees play the largest role. At Pathways, we care about our employees’ individual health and the health of our clients as well .

The American Heart Association says that creating a healthy workplace and encouraging a healthy workforce can create a self-reinforcing environment that can lead to increased productivity, less work absences, and health-spend savings for employees and employers.

There are many low-cost, minimal effort engagements that companies can put into place that can make a big impact for health and wellness in the workplace. At Pathways, our employees like to stay active by getting up to take a 15-minute walking break, engaging in outdoor walking meetings, using standing desks, coordinating healthy potluck lunches and even participating in our recent internal Biggest Loser contest.

These internal health and wellness practices led to some innovative business ideas, which sparked at Knowledge 18 this past May. Members of our development team participated in the annual Hackathon, where they had eight hours to create a new application using the ServiceNow platform.

The Pathways team (dubbed Team Scrantonicity) created the NutriNow app, where users can track their calories, exercise, steps and overall personal health so that they can encourage themselves and their coworkers to be active.

Everything within the application is available all in one space, making it easy to use and convenient to keep your goals on-track. NutriNow also included an easy-to read dashboard that not only showed your personal statistics, but also how close you are to completing your fitness goals for that day. Users can also simply scan a barcode of a food item to log it for that day.

The overall morale is that health and wellness is contagious. Even the smallest efforts can be enough to encourage employees to better themselves in the workplace and in turn treat their clients the same way they treat themselves.

The Pathways difference is this: we strive to take care of and provide our clients with the same quality of service we would provide each other and our loved ones – one innovative step at a time.

For more information on NutriNow or how the application came about, email info@pathwayscg.com