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The future of technology is looking bright – with a projected industry growth of 12% and over 500,000 new jobs by 2024! If you are a parent who is looking to spark an interest in STEM-related activities or topics, without forcing it, Mary has a few resources for you to check out.


Yellow Scope 

A company that creates engaging, creative science kits that take girls seriously and with a mission to inspire girls to explore their world and discover all its amazing possibilities! These kits are full of real science with plenty of room for girls to draw their observations, doodle their ideas, and design their very own experiments.



Learning Resources 


With a mission is to help kids develop a love to learn, Learning Resources makes great STEM toys for kids of all ages. They offer a variety of toys, printable worksheets, at-home experiments and more!


Little Bits

The go-to kit for turning any ideas into inventions! With a range of Bits that move, light up, and make noise, kids gain STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) skills by learning how technology is built. The website offers free instructions and ideas!


Steam Powered Family 

Whether you are homeschooling or looking to keep your kids busy with activities, Steam Powered Family places a focus on STEM, STEAM, and positive children’s mental health practices to foster resilient, healthy minds. There are tons of engaging activities and DIY recipes as well as lesson plans and instructional videos for at-home schooling.


This summer, don’t hesitate to foster a love in something that will change your child’s life for the better! If you have questions or would like to learn more about STEM activities and their benefits, you can email Mary at


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