Making ITSM and ITOM work better together – A six-step approach

Over the past decade, the landscapes behind business and technology have been changing at a rapid pace. In ServiceNow’s CIO Point of View survey, 77% of CIOs reported they are taking a “cloud first” approach and 53% state that machine learning is already a key focus.

When it comes to the idea of digital change, many organizations are falling under the pressure of staying in the loop and it’s not limited to not just corporate IT, but everywhere! Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Hospitality – you name it. These organizations are falling under the pressure of adopting digital transformation and staying afloat with change, while implementing these changes swiftly and efficiently without causing harm to current workflows.

Thankfully, ServiceNow has created a solidified system to adopt these changes and solve everyday issues that every organization will face, only faster and more efficiently.

By following the six-step approach below, your team will be able to bring IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) together to produce better IT and business outcomes.


  1. Establish a centralized Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and the power of a single system of record
    • A CMDB is a centralized database that stores all the information behind IT assets and their relationships with IT and business services. A CMDB can be used across the ServiceNow platform and is leveraged across the platform


  1. Discover infrastructure and business services
    • Linking all your CMDB or configuration items and drawing the relationships to see which business services rely on which items to make informed decisions whether it be about change management, purchasing new apps, etc.


  1. Proactively identify service issues
    • With ITOM there’s event management and predictive intelligence (machine learning) that allows you to identify potential issues before they even happen.


  1. Informed incident response
    • Leverage data within the platform to assign the correct groups to incidents and make them aware of an issue as quickly as possible.


  1. Automated remediation
    • Utilizing the tools that the ITOM suite provides, you can automate the resolution of certain issues with minimal human interaction.


  1. Single view across IT services
    • Power of the NOW platform – provides a concise view of IT and your business all from a single source.


We have done a ton of implementations and can get you through this IT transformation successfully and efficiently. Interested in adapting this digital change? Contact a member of our team today!