Is your smart home secure? — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

Do you have a smart home or smart devices connected to your home network and have concerns of privacy or hacking?

By 2022, there will be 63 million American homes that will be classified as a smart home.

In addition to our computers and iPads, we are utilizing other smart devices like smart lightbulbs, baby monitors, smart alarms and more. With these devices come great responsibility to ensure they are secure and protected.

It is possible that a hacker can access your smart lightbulb and toggle its setting to “at home,” they might also be able to control your alarm system to disable the alarm and slip into your home undetected, just by messing with your smart bulb settings.


Tip #1: It starts with your router

Your router is the main connection between your devices and the outside world. Ensure you lock it down with a strong, unique password that isn’t shared with any other accounts or devices you own. Besides your home network, you’ll also want to use unique passwords for different websites that contain personal information – e.g. shopping sites with credit card information.


Tip #2:  Stick with reputable brands

When selecting devices, stick with brands that have the resources to devote to testing and security to ensure better chances of privacy.


Tip #3: Reboot your devices

As an added security measure, reboot your smart home devices at least once a week and look for updates often.


Having a smart home has its convenience and advantages, but Mary encourages you to do your research and ensure your devices are locked down and secure.

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