Inside Reizen: Our 2019 Hackathon winning custom application

This year at Knowledge19, Pathways’ own ‘Team Scrantonicity’ took home first place at the annual Creatorcon Hackathon with their custom-built application inside ServiceNow, called Reizen. So, what exactly is Reizen and how can it help users within the ServiceNow community?

Dutch for “to travel”, Reizen assists with planning expenses for a business trip. When traveling, it usually involves booking a flight, a hotel and if needed, additional rideshares as well. When creating these expense reports, the process can be time consuming and difficult to compose if there is no pre-formulated template provided. That’s why Reizen is equipped with a receipt scanning system that will allow you to take photos of your receipts right within the app, or submit them from your phone using the Portal’s record producer.

Utilizing Virtual Agent capabilities inside ServiceNow with rest API integrations for Hotel, Flight, OCR and Uber Rideshare, Reizen helps make this process a breeze. Integrated with Slack as an option to chat with the Virtual Agent, the user can arrange all their bookings and expenses right within the conversation. Should there be no expense report for the user, the VA will automatically know and will then prompt the creation of a new one. If the user has multiple reports, the VA will ask which report you would like to track the expenses on.

When booking a flight, the user can start a conversation with the VA chatbot who is pre-programmed to recognize keywords that will trigger the appropriate set of questions regarding where and when the user is traveling.


The VA assistant is equipped with a quoting system which will give the user multiple flight options and prices without booking. The user then has the ability to leave or continue the conversation to book.



Once the flight is confirmed, the VA assistant will ask if the user would like to book their hotel as part of their trip. If yes, the conversation will continue just as it did for the flight, giving the user pricing and destination options with photos prior to the official booking. The same process will follow should the user also decide to include Rideshares. As long as the enterprise has an Uber account, Reizen will know exactly what those account details are and will add any rides the user takes for the duration of the trip.



So, what about the expense reports? No problem – Reizen will take all the amounts from each booking and compile them into a report at your convenience. Created with UI components that allow users to manage and view their Expense Reports and Expense Lines from the mobile experience, users can even submit their Expense Reports from mobile. The user will simply provide a photo of the receipt or take one right within the application. This applies to additional expenses like gas, meals, etc. The receipt images are then attached to the Expense Lines to ensure there is a trustworthy record of the expense.

Should the user want to check the status of their submitted Expense Reports, they can hold a conversation with the VA who will then provide a card that summarizes the current state of the Report along with a hyperlink that the user can visit to view the record if needed.


With Reizen, the user will enjoy the newly found convenience of no longer having to hold on to a bundle of receipts before filing the report.

Our team is excited to continue working on Reizen to provide additional enhancements and ensure a quality experience from our valued clients. For years, we have been working with ServiceNow in implementing upgrades, new features and customized applications to help further improve our clients’ business processes. Interested to learn more about the benefits that Reizen or another custom application can bring to your organization? Let us show you. Contact a member of our team today!