Identifying issues and creating cases with ServiceNow’s major issue management

Imagine there was an easier way to address issues that impacted multiple clients at a time. Well, with ServiceNow’s London update, say hello to major issue management.

Major issue management can be used to widely address impacted clients with information that could help manage the resolution process and provide solutions.

This feature also allows you to identify affected clients who have not yet reported an issue, and you can reach out to them ahead of time and proactively provide necessary details to reach a solution. These are referred to as major cases.

A major case will include all of the important details about the issue and within those cases are individual child cases. Child cases are created for individual clients who are affected by the issue in the major case and are provided client-specific information to guide them towards the proper solution.

So, how does this work? When identifying issues and creating major cases, customer service agents, managers and major issue managers can use the following guide to identify likely issues, create major cases and identify affected customers.

With Pathways’ help, we can implement this new feature within your upgrade, and you can be on your way to productively solving multiple client issues all at once.

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