Gen Z and social media part two — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

For part two of Mary’s segment on social media and the Gen Z girl, she emphasizes the benefits that can be received should social media be used the proper way.

Social media is essentially the forum used by Gen Z girls to hangout, stay connected, build their profile and create the image of how they want to be portrayed to the world. Talking to friends, joining groups and meeting new people seems almost effortless due to the instant access social media offers.

Having the opportunity to connect with individuals of all different interests can make it easier to feel less isolated and more informed on topics like current events, cultural ideas and new skills. Believe it or not – this makes them more likely to become more equipped for the modern workplace of their future!

Since this generation doesn’t know a world without smart devices, this connection they have through social media is an instant part of their lives and can be used for their advantage.

Be sure to tune in for next week’s segment on the negative impacts social media can have.

Check out Mary’s full segment below on Women to Watch with Sue Rocco: