Essential digital transformation with Application Portfolio Management from ServiceNow

At Pathways, we are familiar with wanting to identify the right opportunities to upgrade to new, emerging technologies without presenting complexity or risk.

If your organization has way too many business applications to track and maintain, this may result in users silo’ing information throughout multiple spreadsheets, giving little insight on where to cut down on IT application budgets. Thanks to ServiceNow, a profound solution has been developed to help meet increasing demand for new capabilities without re-inventing the wheel.

Recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave Strategic Portfolio Management Tools in 2017, ServiceNow introduced Application Portfolio Management – a single, centralized location for all business applications which provides a framework for managing enterprise Business Applications and software-based services.

Integrated with the ServiceNow IT Business Management Suite, APM provides an inventory of the organization’s software and metrics to demonstrate the business benefits of each application. Having this accurate inventory provides better insight as to which applications will reduce risk, reduce costs and furthermore increase company value when important business decisions need to be made.

Using the objective assessments to rationalize your application portfolio, APM consolidates these applications within the same business function to help quickly identify which applications could be invested in, sustained, or replaced based on the business need aligned towards the organization goal.

With a more comprehensive understanding of the applications in your organization, you can identify redundancies, decrease budgetary costs and balance application enhancements with other business demands. Above all, ServiceNow was recognized as being the only vendor to provide all these capabilities on a single platform!

At Pathways, several of our developers are certified implementation specialists for Application Portfolio Management (CIS-APM) and can apply this knowledge to your implementation, providing you the benefits of a consolidated business application portfolio and getting your organization up to speed with its business goals.

Interested in realizing all of the benefits of Application Portfolio Management? Our team of experts can help! Contact a member of our team here for more information.