Digital transformation with Pathways and ServiceNow

A common business issue technology leaders face is maintaining low operational costs while driving digital transformation and automation across IT and other business units.

Typically speaking, the high cost of services tends to result in hitting a “maturity ceiling” from operating in IT silos. Other common problems include erratic service availability, a manual escalation process and poor user experience due to slow response and resolution times.

Pathways, in conjunction with the ServiceNow suite of applications, can help you avoid these common pitfalls. A Forrester TEI study estimates that a more efficient process could save approximately $2.5 million annually, reduce P1 outages and issues by approximately 25% and increase your T1 staff’s efficiency by roughly 20%.

Pathways will work with your team in implementing these new updates, including automating certain process and automatically alerting predetermined groups and users to issues as soon as they occur. By the end of the process, we can help you remove collaboration barriers by consolidating your IT services to a single platform with ServiceNow.

Technology leaders can enjoy a unified IT platform with consistent end-to-end visibility, the elimination of service outages with predictive event management and an increased efficiency with a single system of action.

Let us help you! To find out how Pathways can help make ServiceNow your system of record, email