COVID-19 and business: How Pathways can help ease the transition to remote work

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With the outbreak of COVID-19, many organizations have experienced a rapid shift to move their employees to work from home. In a few short weeks, the Pathways team worked tirelessly to deliver multiple projects in order to ease the burden our clients are experiencing with this paradigm shift.

The Pathways team noticed that many of our clients are beginning to leverage their investments in ServiceNow to implement or enhance their processes to address the challenges they're facing with a mass migration of employees working remotely.

We're approaching each of these projects with the same level of quality and quick implementation methodology that will ensure these changes will not only work, but will also be aligned with best practices so that upgrades and future development efforts will not be hindered in any way.

In addition, ServiceNow has already rolled out multiple free applications to help organizations manage this new reality. The apps include Emergency Outreach (to help companies connect with employees to assess the impact during a crisis), Emergency Self Report (which helps an employee notify their employer that they are self‑quarantined and when the employee will return to work), and Emergency Exposure Management (alerts the company if an employee is diagnosed with an illness and helps the employer identify other people who might have been exposed based on the employee’s meetings history and job location).

If any of the free ServiceNow applications or the below solutions are of interest to you -- or if there are other issues your team needs addressed -- please contact our team at


  • A Crisis Management application
  • A global employee portal for users to get updated, need-to-know information that includes:
    • A banner listing outages, major events and major communications
    • A display of priority Incidents for business users to view
  • A Knowledge Base and a variety of articles around COVID-19, including:
    • How to chat, collaborate and log into the work system remotely
    • Out of office requests
    • New PTO guidelines
  • Built additional requests to meet critical demands for:
    • BYOD
    • End-user computing requests
    • Two-factor authentication token requests
    • Virtual Desktop requests to access secure virtual machines
    • An onboarding bundle that combines all of these new requests in a simple shopping cart format to provide a self-service selection of items


About Pathways:

Pathways Consulting Group is a ServiceNow Elite Partner with a 9.9/10 CSAT score. In 2019, we were selected as the #14 Best Small Firm to Work For by Consulting Magazine. That same year, our team won the CreatorCon Hackathon at ServiceNow's Knowledge19 event.

From banking to healthcare, from high-tech to supermarkets, our team has helped a wide variety of organizations automate their processes, saving them time and man-hours, leading to a faster realization of ROI and employee adoption of ServiceNow.


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