Constantly on the go? We can help

Today’s work environment revolves around a high-speed, always-on culture. Late night emails and after-hours decision making is becoming more and more common, regardless of your industry.

The Pathways team has found the ServiceNow mobile application to be incredibly useful when our team is on-the-go — or even when we’re at home.
Instead of waiting on our laptops to boot up, open our email client, click on a link and wait for the browser to load, we can instead tap on our phone’s notification window and be taken directly to our requested approval, an Incident ticket or to simply view a status update.

During Knowledge18, ServiceNow showed a number of features that would “make work, work easier” for employees. With their mobile app, you won’t have to worry about waiting to get to your desk until you can manage an Incident, check a ticket status or collaborate with your team. Now, all of these actions can be done on the go and in the palm of your hand.

There are several benefits to rolling out the mobile application across your organization:

• Boost productivity and finish work on the go.
• Respond quickly to requests and incidents wherever you are.
• Stay in the know with updates and information as soon as they happen.
• Stay informed about number of open or closed tickets and status of dashboard.
• Get onboarding process for a new employee started prematurely.

Let us show you how much of an improvement incorporating ServiceNow’s mobile application into your organization can provide.

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