#2 Best Small Firms to Work For — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

#2 Best Small Firms to Work For

Mary is proud to announce that Pathways Consulting Group has ranked #2 on Consulting Magazine’s list of the 2020 Best Small Firms to Work For! This is a huge step forward after last year’s ranking at #14. Every year, Consulting Magazine seeks to recognize the effort that these firms invest towards keeping their employees happy, […]

National STEM Day — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

national STEM day

November 8th is National STEM Day! For this week’s Tech Watch segment, Mary felt the timing was appropriate to use this as an opportunity to discuss the lack of women in technology industry and why it matters. Over the course of the last couple years, Mary has shared multiple ideas as to what steps can […]

Teaching students to be a good digital citizen — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

teaching students to be good digital citizens

At this point in time, technology has become second nature to students. With technology at their fingertips, implementing a plan to teach these students about being a good digital citizen should be taken seriously. Since becoming a good digital citizen isn’t taught the same way as other life lessons, this needs to be taught by […]

The pros and cons of digital learning — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

pros and cons of digital learning

Even before the pandemic started, excessive screen time and technology utilization had dramatically increased for children. Now, with digital learning added into the mix, what kind of effect does it really have? Schools have been doing their best to organize digital learning and make it as impactful as it can be despite the circumstances. While […]

Generation Z and Social Media — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

cyber bullying image

Social media has over 2.6 billion users. These sites can yield both positive and negative impacts so it’s important for users to stay safe and use precaution when using these sites – Generation Z especially. This generation doesn’t know a world without smart devices and some reports say they spend upwards of 3-4 hours per […]

Is your smart home secure? — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

Do you have a smart home or smart devices connected to your home network and have concerns of privacy or hacking? By 2022, there will be 63 million American homes that will be classified as a smart home. In addition to our computers and iPads, we are utilizing other smart devices like smart lightbulbs, baby monitors, […]

Millennial moms and technology — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

Did you know that over 90% of new moms are millennials? With social media becoming such a common place for these new moms to research the best baby products, best advice, pediatrician tips, etc. – it has become the new normal for new moms to rely on this information. For example, when Mary went to […]

Technology job boards for women — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

In 2020, it is becoming the new norm for companies to allow their employees and even mandate them to work from home. This change is serving as an incredible opportunity for women in technology who find that working from home would work to their advantage. Additionally, with so much talent out there, now is also […]

In case you missed it: Making Waves Through Women Empowerment

In case you missed it, Pathways’ Partner and COO Mary Manzo was featured on Friday’s PBS News Hour segment as part of a story about Women to Watch founder Susan Rocco. Mary develops her weekly Women to Watch: Tech Watch segments with a goal of inspiring more women to become involved in the technology industry […]

New opportunities in 2020 to work from home — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

In 2020 we are experiencing so much change. Companies are fast pacing automation so that work can get to people faster and more efficiently. As example, it is now becoming the new norm for companies to allow you and even mandate you to work from home. When interviewing for a new job, you may be […]