#2 Best Small Firms to Work For

#2 Best Small Firms to Work For — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

Mary is proud to announce that Pathways Consulting Group has ranked #2 on Consulting Magazine’s list of the 2020 Best Small Firms to Work For! This is a huge step forward after last year’s ranking at #14. Every year, Consulting Magazine seeks to recognize the effort that these firms invest towards keeping their employees happy, motivated, engaged and professionally fulfilled.

This award is validation to our team that they work in a nurturing environment where their efforts truly do matter. For our clients, its confirmation that our team is top notch, our team loves what they do, and we provide top quality service. Each team member at Pathways contributes to our success, regardless of their role in the company.

This year’s challenges have even brought our team closer together. We are fortunate that our team was successful in continuing to make Pathways an engaging, fun place to work – even while 100% virtual.

Tune in below for Sunday’s full Tech Watch segment on Women to Watch with Susan Rocco:

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