teaching students to be good digital citizens

Teaching students to be a good digital citizen — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

At this point in time, technology has become second nature to students. With technology at their fingertips, implementing a plan to teach these students about being a good digital citizen should be taken seriously.

Since becoming a good digital citizen isn’t taught the same way as other life lessons, this needs to be taught by parents, teachers and adult influencers.

To be a good digital citizen, students should be aware of topics such as:

  • The basics of digital etiquette and what it means to be respectful
  • Privacy protection and password utilization. (It is important to create a strong password and never ok to share it — even with a trustworthy friend)
  • Oversharing of information: What’s appropriate and what’s not
  • Cyberbullying: How to identify it, how to not participate and how to help stop it

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