Millennial moms and technology — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

Did you know that over 90% of new moms are millennials?

With social media becoming such a common place for these new moms to research the best baby products, best advice, pediatrician tips, etc. – it has become the new normal for new moms to rely on this information.

For example, when Mary went to research the best baby formula brand, she saw over 12 MILLION results. Compared to advice from a pediatrician or other experienced moms, could having too much access to social media and “Mom blogs” become overwhelming and thus be ‘information overload’?

As a baby boomer, Mary believes that while having access to websites like Amazon would have been convenient, she doesn’t think much would have changed. In her eyes, the natural instinct that mothers have with their children will always be there regardless of how advanced technology becomes.


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