Capture your data; don’t drown in it

Servers drowning in data is one of the most common issues IT departments are facing. Many businesses use some form of data capture, typically manual entry via spreadsheets. The new way of utilizing data capture revolves around an automated solution, which will automatically track an item’s lifecycle from purchase to deployment and all the way through retirement. Automated data capture is a sensible alternative to manual entry, replacing legacy processes that are inefficient, costly and time consuming.

For example, when a new employee is onboarded, they are given hardware, like laptops, monitors and other peripherals. Information about who has what equipment is often kept on a spreadsheet, which requires manual input every time a new item is ordered, returned, or upgraded. In addition to being time consuming, manual entry processes are also error-prone.

When automated data capturing enters the processes, tracking the inventory of devices becomes much more organized and cost efficient since everything is kept in one location as opposed to manually logging each device. If an employee were to leave, but the hardware is being tracked manually, this could cost an organization more money in devices and licenses when, in reality, they could simply re-provision the licenses and redeploy their existing hardware.

As a ServiceNow solutions partner since 2012, the Pathways team is ready and able to provide your business a solution that will resolve most frustrations, misplacements and miscommunications with your data. ServiceNow condenses all data onto a single platform — instead of tracking various items on multiple spreadsheets, all of your information helps organize your data, keeping everything in a single source of truth. All of this critical information is stored in a single system and is always up-to-date. Thanks to powerful reporting capabilities, you will never look at old data; every dashboard and report contains current, real-time information based in the information inside your environment.

Capturing data and how you capture it is crucial to a smooth-running business. Our business analysts can help guide you to capture the right data for the right story for the right individuals.

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