Automation – how ServiceNow can help save you time and money

When it comes to changes in technology, it’s all about innovation. In order to stay on track with competition, it’s important to stay consistent with new ideas and trends. Sometimes change can be difficult to process in a company, especially if you are unsure how it could affect your business and feel uneasy about the risks. It’s also an uneasy transition when you find that too much time is spent on manual tasks instead of focusing on future concepts.

But with ServiceNow, that change comes easy. ServiceNow is dedicated to making work, work easier for their users. With the NOW Platform, this intuitive, ready-built foundation is put in place to transform how your business operates by automating tasks – moving work faster, leaving extra time for brainstorming new ideas.

ServiceNow is essentially accessible for anyone. Whether you’re in HR, customer service, finance, hospitality, entertainment or the medical field – the features this application provides will help avoid common headaches like floods of emails, missed communication, disorganization, lost time and finances.

As a business, are you trying to move forward from these issues and become more powerful? With the NOW Platform’s intelligent automation properties, you can precisely categorize and route work to improve organization and prevent future issues. You can also benchmark services against peers and predict their performance.

As of this year, in the United States alone, 47% of jobs are likely to become automated. If you still feel uneasy about transitioning, many users experienced with ServiceNow have commonly reported positive feedback on how useful and well-designed the software performs, check out this video here.

At Pathways, our expert team of developers not only help implement the Now Platform for clients, but it is also used repeatedly and daily within our office environment. If you’re curious about what benefits ServiceNow can provide for you and your team, we can help bridge that gap for you. To schedule a demo, click here for more information.