Automation: Embrace the time savings and reap the benefits

Mary Manzo dedicates this week’s Tech Watch segment to debunk the commonly-held theory that automation will eliminate the need for dozens of jobs.

So where will your job go? Right where you found it!

The main difference will be in increase to your efficiency, including insights to various reports and graphs thanks to automated reporting tools. With this amount of information at your hands, your manager will view you as a superstar!
Another massive boon around automated reporting tools comes from freeing up your time so you can spend more time analyzing what the reports are telling you and focus on recommendations for organizational improvements.

If you work in IT or any technology-driven business, you know that technology is continuously changing the speed in which companies produce work. In order to keep up with the competition, companies have to constantly get innovative and market new things, which can potentially add more to your plate. The introduction of these new automated technologies can be scary because it’s typically a large-scale change — but if you embrace the change and see the benefits, you’ll find that life at work can get easier and more efficient.

Organizing all of the things you have to do is hard and keeping all your tasks in one place could only help. By automating the repeatable tasks you work on every day, you could save time, allowing you to complete all the other things you have on your plate.

At Pathways, we implement ServiceNow, which is a cloud-based platform that automates HR, IT, customer service, finance, project management, audit and a variety of other tasks, including cross-departmental tasks. Through our adoption training, Pathways helps employees embrace the change automation brings by helping newcomers learn the new ways to get their work done.

Automation can provide a multitude of benefits to any organization and to you.
Leverage and embrace the change that automation brings to the workplace. Your day will become substantially improved and efficient.

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